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The Jaqueline


Jacqueline’s Story


            In 2015, my husband and I were elated to discover we were pregnant with our second child. But soon I found a pea sized lump in my breast. It was diagnosed as a clogged milk duct with instructions to apply hot compresses and message it.  Our beautiful baby girl arrived.  After some research, I found a doctor to examine the growing golf ball sized lump. The ultrasound required an immediate biopsy. Leaving the office, I anticipated bad news. That call came, I had breast cancer.

There was no family history, I was a young mother. I had never even had a mammogram, but my tumor was large. I had to have consultation that day. A port was implanted, and chemotherapy started.  How could one phone call change everything?

Of the different types of Breast Cancer, mine was Triple Negative a very aggressive form. Chemotherapy hit me hard and fast. I quickly lost my hair and was completely incapable of caring for our new baby. My body was being pushed to its limits, vomiting and so toxic the bed-sheets left bruises.

            What should have been the happiest time of my life became a fight to survive. I was determined to live. Today I am a 3-year cancer survivor. While I have survived there has been a toll taken on my body. The treatment that saved my life also damaged my heart. I am still far away from the pre cancer Jacqueline, but I know that every day I grow stronger and one day I will be as strong as I ever was.



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The Jacqueline…The FORCE

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