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Our Mission

We at A World of Pink have made it our mission to provide women with the opportunity to regain their confidence, breast symmetry, and positive body image. Through the use of breast prostheses and beautiful supportive bras, we are helping women one fitting at at time. Whether you've had elective breast surgery or due to health complications We are here for YOU!

It is common for some women to lose confidence following lumpectomy, mastectomy, or other breast procedures. For many, breast reconstruction may be out of reach or undesired, but that doesn't mean that asymmetrical breasts are a permanent tribulation. Prostheses can act like a bridge for more permanent solutions during any reconstructive process. We proudly offer prostheses in a spectrum of shades to match your skin tone. Following elective breast reconstruction women want to redefine their self image and confidence. We are here to help YOU transform into your new body!


About Us

A World of Pink is a health facility founded and dedicated to meeting the needs of all women in all phases of breast aftercare.

Through the use of proper bra fittings and breast prostheses, Christine and her team of certified fitters provide women who are facing breast reconstruction or removal due to breast cancer with profound and deserved confidence.

Inspired by friends, family, and a desire to help all women, we are proud to offer A World of Pink in search of a world of beauty, balance, and healing hearts.

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Meet Christine

Christine A. Guarino, RDH, CMF, CFm, founded A World of Pink in 2015 with a mission to restore confidence for women following breast surgery. A World of Pink provides beautiful, comfortable pocketed bras that are supportive and help in healing, as well as top-quality breast prostheses that match a patient's skin tone and lifestyle. Best of all, A World of Pink works with most insurance companies (including Medicare) to help minimize, if not eliminate, any out-of-pocket costs for their patients.

Christine is certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics (A.B.C.) and the Board for Certification/ Accreditation (B.O.C.). She is also a Cerified Lymphedema Fitter as well as the lead mastectomy fitter at A World of Pink. 

Christine works diligently to ensure a comfortable and friendly environment for all her patients. Each patient is measured and fit with the proper supportive bra and prostheses that help to restore a sense of self-pride, confidence, and balance. 


"I founded A World of Pink with the dream of changing breast aftercare forever. I've made it my mission in life to help women everywhere feel beautiful, balanced, and confident again following all types of breast surgery.  Coming from a family of healthcare professionals as well as myself having a background in dental hygiene, there is no doubt I love to make people smile. There are so many women in the United States that suffer from breast cancer. Over time, I developed a strong interest in helping these women, and it became my dream to create a place survivors can go for the 'after.'  Research has made so many advancements and has changed the face of healthcare as well as the way women survive.

Over the years, that I have dedicated to prostheses and specialty bras, the women have taught me about what they need and how just like bodies, needs change over time. Often women are left feeling hopeless and have a lack of motivation to continue in their everyday lives.

Although I am not a breast cancer survivor, I am a woman that is empowered and inspired to help women see that beauty comes from within and with one visit to A World of Pink, the 'after' can be healed."


-Christine Guarino

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