A World of Pink Breast Prostheses

Rediscover Your Balance & Symmetry

A World of Pink offers top quality breast prostheses with anatomically perfected shape for patients who are feeling unbalanced and asymmetrical. We work closely with our patients to determine the best options for your unique lifestyle to bring balance and confidence.

Our silicone lightweight breast forms are not only soft with excellent skin and body compatibility, but they also feel completely natural to the touch!

Each breast prostheses has the familiar movement and shape retention similar to the natural breast, molds gently to uneven scar tissue, shapes the cup naturally, and has a long life due to it's resistance to chlorine, grease, oil and salt water.

Actual A World of Pink patient - Before
Actual A World of Pink patient - Before

They are very suitable for women who like to remain active in their daily lives as the prostheses are made with breathable microfiber technology.

Silicone breasts are offered with or without adhesive pads and in several custom shapes to help even out and support the breasts. This includes full breast forms, triangular breast forms, partial compensation breast forms, movement fold breast forms, and more!

All custom breast forms offered by A World of Pink:

  • have been tested and certified for correct function and quality in independent and certified test institutes
  • have been approved and listed with a medical aid number
  • are made of dermatologist-tested silicone, microfiber, and film
  • are available in a range of skin colors to best match your skin tone
Actual A World of Pink patient - After
Actual A World of Pink patient - After

A World of Pink Nipple Prostheses

Perfect for Post-Reconstruction

A World of Pink offers nipple prostheses for those who have completed reconstruction and wish to have nipples prior to or in place of tattooing.

Nipple prostheses easily adhere to the skin, and are easy to remove to bathe, shower, and swim. They are available in a range of colors and sizes to compliment your natural skin tone, breast size, and requests.

For those who are interested in areola tattooing, contact us today for recommendations on the best Certified Areola Tattoo Artists!

Actual A World of Pink patient
Actual A World of Pink patient

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