Trash 2 Treasure

Transforming defective or damaged leggings into beautiful, stylish hats for cancer patients!

A World of Pink is proud to now offer beautiful, handmade hats for our patients going through treatment. Each hat is created from defective or damaged leggings donated from companies such as LuLaRoe to be carefully cut and resewn into a comfortable, stylish cap.

Each hat is handmade in Arkansas, and is available to any patients going through treatment for free!

If you are interested in donating your leggings, please contact us any time Monday through Friday at (516) 513-1275 or (631) 364-9684 to schedule a drop off or pickup. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


How do I get my hat?

You can order your Hattitude hat on our online store by clicking here!

While you’re there, we invite you to browse our online catalogue for beautiful bras and post-operative resources, or give us a call to schedule your private fitting appointment!

Please note: because each hat is uniquely made from donated leggings, we cannot guarantee a pattern or design. We can, however, find out the colors you like and select a cap that best matches your taste!

Call & Make Your Appointment Today!

We verify each patient’s insurance prior to their appointment. Call us today for your private, one-on-one fitting with one of our experienced fitters. No co-pay, no obligation, no worries!

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