Changing Breast Aftercare, Raising Awareness, & Supporting Fighters, Survivors, & Advocacy

Our Mission: To Make a Difference

At A World of Pink, we work tirelessly to change breast aftercare for women everywhere. We also proudly team up with local organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund to support those who are still fighting and lessen the numbers who will need to fight in the future.

A World of Pink Fall Fashion Festival 2016
A World of Pink Fall Fashion Festival 2016

We participate in several annual events
dedicated to important causes such as:

  • Supporting women who are in need of aftercare resources such as pocketed bras and prostheses but are under or uninsured
  • Fighting for research, for greater treatment options, and for comforting amenities for those who are going through treatment
  • Bringing education to those who are going through treatment and those who are ready to move on to the next step of the healing process
  • Exposing to the world the realities of breast cancer, its treatment, and its surgeries, and to remove the stigma that cancer looks the same on everyone

Visit our Gallery to see photos from some of our past events, and stay tuned to our Blog to find out about upcoming events you can get involved in and attend!

A World of Pink Foundation

Our 501(c)(3) organization is dedicated to providing pocketed post-surgical bras and breast prostheses to women who are under or uninsured and are in need of these critical aftercare resources.

To donate to A World of Pink Foundation and help make a difference in a woman's life, please click here or the button below to be redirected to our CrowdRise donation page. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will help change the lives of those who have fought one of the toughest battles of all!

A World of Pink Sponsor the American Cancer Society

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