A Properly Fitted Bra Makes All the Difference

Why does FIT matter?

A misfitted bra can affect the shape of your breasts, leave shoulder indentations, cause pain, and contribute to sagging. It can also cause problems with healing and longevity following breast surgery, especially for those who have undergone reconstruction.

Approximately 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, and mass manufactured department store bras do not fit reconstructed breasts.

A World of Pink Bras

We manufacture and provide bras that are specially created to prevent pressure marks, skin irritation, and pain while offering comfort and support for all women. By ensuring an exact fit unique to your body, you leave each appointment with beautiful new bras that will help you look good and feel better.

Misfitted bras can cause significant pain.
Misfitted bras can cause significant pain.
Pocketed bra with and without a breast prosthesis. A World of Pink.
Pocketed bra with and without a breast prosthesis.

A World of Pink provides top quality bras to bring function and support for the breasts.

We offer bras that are of made of soft, stretch cotton, pocketed cups, and side breast support for controlled compression to the sides and under-bust. Wide stretch bands will keep you comfortable, even after having surgical procedures.

It is important to be properly fitted to determine the best possible bra for you. A bra should be supportive, comfortable, and of good quality. Our specialized bras are made to stabilize and immobilize your breasts for optimum care following all surgical breast procedures as well as for every day use.

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